Law Lab

Makyah Clayton

Summer 2019 CaSTL UCI - ASU Pathways Program Fellow with research focus on Determining Rate Constants of Thiol-ene Click Reactions to Control Nanoparticle Dimerization.

Andy Yang

Andy Yang is currently a second year graduate student pursuing a Ph.D in Chemistry at UCI. He graduated University of California Davis with a BS in Physics and Chemistry. After leaving UC Davis and before joining UCI Irvine, he worked as a research associate conducting R&D for a biotech startup in the Bay Area. Because of his interest in energy research and science, he has decided to pursue a Ph.D under the mentorship of Prof. Matt Law. His research emphasis is on plasmonic catalysis towards solar fuel production.

Stephanie Jean

2016 CaSTL Summer Diversity Research Fellow with research focus on ALD-Functionalized Plazmonic Nantennas: Towards SIngle-Molecule Investigations of Photocatalysis

Christian Engelbrekt

I am currently one year into my three-year individual postdoc scholarship from the Danish Council for Independent Research, the national funding agency in Denmark. The project focuses on plasmonic photocatalysis and is carried out jointly at UCI (2/3) and the NanoChemistry Group at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU, 1/3), from which I got my Ph.D. in 2014. I am interested in plasmon-driven charge and heat generation, and how this affects catalytic properties of metal-metal and metal-semiconductor composite nanomaterials.

Deep Punj

Simulation of complex nanostructures using Finite difference time domain method and designing them using Keindiek nanomanipulator for SERS and other purposes.

Zhongyue Luan

My research involves building plasmonic nanocrystal dimer SERS platform for study of charge transfer.