Education & Outreach Overview

CaSTL’s education and outreach initiatives are broad, yet targeted. The goal of CaSTL education and outreach is to increase exposure and interest in chemistry and CaSTL research. CaSTL currently offers outreach and educational programs targeted at K-12 students, teachers and families; undergraduate students; graduate students; and post-doctoral fellows. Further, CaSTL continues to consider initiatives that will reach a broader audience and the general citizenry. To learn more about CaSTL education and outreach, please visit the K-12 Education and Undergraduate and Graduate Education pages.


CaSTL is committed to diversifying the field of chemistry and physics. Special focus is given to recruitment, outreach and support for student traditionally underrepresented in physical chemistry, especially women and under-served minority students. For example, only 29% of physical science Ph.D. students are women. Further, according to the NSF’s 2006 data, only 5.6% of underrepresented minority students hold a Ph.D. in Science and Engineering (National Science Foundation Survey of Earned Doctorates, 1997-2006). CaSTL has targeted programs to improve those numbers and a detailed report on our and all the Centers for Chemical Innovation diversity efforts can be found here.

 Calendar of Outreach and Professional Development Events