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Shaowei Li, CaSTL graduate in 2017, joined our sister campus, University of California, San Diego! 


Congratulations on your appointment as Assistant Professor of Chemistry and establishing Spectroscopy and Microscopy at Atomic Level Laboratory (SMALL) research program! We wish you all the best in elucidating the science of single molecules and single atoms by combining light and electrons!   



  • Congratulations Yanan, for Outstanding Thesis Award by Pittsburgh University and Springer Publication of your PhD Thesis: Imaging Light with Photoelectrons on the Nano-Femto Scale

CaSTL Virtual Special Issue of Journal of Physical Chemistry C (Editors: Eric Potma & V. Ara Apkarian) is just released. 


The cover art depicts tip-enhanced Raman spectromicroscopy using a silver tip to image vibrations inside a porphyrin molecule.



 Toward Chemistry in Real Space and Real Time 

Virtual Special Issue Toward Chemistry in Real Space and Real Time Preface 

V. Ara Apkarian, Eric Potma 


Congratulations Christian EngelbrektKevin CramptonDmitry Fishman on ACS Nano cover page! Thumbs-up for a beautiful observation coupled with an elegant explanation of the underlying science of energy funneling in core-shell nanocrystals!

Brittany P Gordon joined CaSTL team as a postdoctoral researcher to probe the fundamental science and real-world applications of ambient Tip-enhanced Stimulated Raman in time and frequency domains. 

Welcome to CaSTL!


Congratulations Hrvoje Petek, on JCP Editor's Pick of your study to engineer plasmons using Silver nanostructures!


A Huge Shout-out and Congratulations extended to Dr. Danielle Watt, CaSTL Director of Education, Outreach, and Diversity.

Eric Weitz joined the CaSTL Center over the next year as a Visiting Professor on sabbatical from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois. We look forward to the CaSTL UCI chemistry faculty, postdocs and graduate student reserachers' learning from his valuable insight and expertise!  Welcome to CaSTL!!

Congratulations to Howard Weatherspoon - Albany State University and 2019 UC-HBCU/Apkarian Summer Pathways Fellow for garnering a first-place award in the poster presentation/division of Mathematics at the annual SACNAS Conference, held in Honolulu, Hi from Oct 31 to Nov 2, 2019.


Lindsey (Pruden) Beecher defended graduate dissertation on Friday, Nov. 1. Congraduations Dr. Beecher!