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Just two atoms make the electromechanical sensor reported in the June 29, 2018 issue of Science Advances.[1] Using a single carbon monoxide (CO) molecule attached to the tip of a sharp silver needle, Joonhee Lee and coworkers have demonstrated the world’s smallest voltmeter and have implemented it to measure electric fields inside one molecule (see animation).

CaSTL summer research fellows partnered with UC Irvine grad students to host a 2-day Girls in STEM Camp for 4th - 7th graders from Haskett Library, Anaheim. They conducted hands-on experiments for the girls to learn about the chemistry of acids and bases and the properties of light using Spectroboxes. 

On day two, the girls and their parents toured labs at UCI to hear about the research the grad students are conducting, watch demos, and hands-on activities. 

Today's special 5-6pm 'UCI Conversations' show takes place at the CaSTL-NSC Symposium, which was recently held at the UCLA Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead. Scientists from all over the USA and as far away as Finland came together to discuss chemistry at the space time limit. The two interviews step back to talk about science communication, common misconceptions and what's up with those crazy electrons. This passionate show about science is for scientists and non-scientists alike... it's about the love of discovery!

Eric Potma

Kate Rodriguez

Credit: UCI Conversations

Shaowei Li, PhD graduate from Wilson Ho lab, is the recipient of the 2018 PHYS Young Investigator Award, which will be awarded at the 2018 Fall ACS meeting in Boston, MA. 


CaSTL Education and Outreach Director reconized by the National Coalition of 100 Black Women of Orange County for Exceptional Leadership and Community Service to the Orange County Youth Community in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

Shaowei Li, PhD graduate from Wilson Ho lab (August 2017), has been awarded the following fellowships:
1. APS Margaret Burbidge Award for Best Experimental Research.
2. Heising-Simons Postdoctoral Fellowship at UC Berkeley, $50,000/year for two years. Only one of two given each year by UC Berkeley.
3. Chinese Government Award for Self-Financed Students, $5,000.

Professor Frank Hegmann was a guest speaker at the CaSTL Center on April 12, 2018 and delivered a talk on Imaging ultrafast dynamics on the nanoscale with terahertz scanning tunneling miscroscopy.


CaSTL 2017 UCI-ASU Pathways Program Fellow, Jasmine Thomas, gives oral presentation of her summer research project from Professor Ara Apkarian's lab at the 2018 National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR).

This was our 6th year partnering with the Boys and Girls Club Santa Ana to conduct hands-on science activities with elementary school students in their after-school program. 

Professor Oliver L.A. Monti was a guest speaker at the CaSTL Center March 22, 2018 and delivered a talk on "When Like Meets Unlike:  Electronic Structure and Dynamics at Interfaces".