Schatz Lab

Charles Cherqui

Theoretical study of nanoscale phenomena, specifically, I am interested in the properties of plasmon-photonic nanosystems and plasmonically-driven energy transfer. 

Chelsea Mueller

My work focuses on exploring Tip Enhanced Raman Imaging using semi-empirical and density functional methods. TER Imaging allows for the simultaneous acquisition of chemical and structural information by collecting Raman data at many points while also performing STM analysis.

Rebecca Gieseking

Electronic structure modeling of plasmonic nanostructures and plasmon-enhanced electron transfer processes using semiempirical INDO approaches.

Dhara Trivedi

My research interests range from fundamental aspects of semiclassical physics, to excitation dynamics in nanoscale systems. I am studying optical properties of nanostructures. I am involved in the development of theoretical models and computational methods, investigating the properties of nanoscale structures.