Apkarian Lab

Bri Gordon

Fundamental science and real-world applications of ambient Tip-enhanced Stimulated Raman studies in time and frequency domain.

Benjamen Taber

My research combines scanning tunneling microscopy with optical spectroscopic techniques to query, in real-time, individual molecules with atomic spatial resolution.

Alana Felts

2017 CaSTL Summer Diversity Research Fellow with focus in Plasmon-Driven Chemistry in Gold Nanosphere Assemblies in Van Duyne Lab at Northwestern University


Angel Nuñez

2016 CaSTL Summer Diversity Research Fellow with focus in Engineering Metallic Tips for use in Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Jasmine Thomas

Summer 2017 CaSTL UCI - ASU Pathways Program Fellow with research focus on Using SERS for Trace Chemical Reactions

Khokan Roy

I am developing Stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) based methods to improve the Raman yield of a functionalized scanning probe microscope tip.  Also interested in surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) based methods to probe and visualize individual molecules.

Alexander Hart

Will fabricate silver tips for tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy experiments and image their properties through scanning electron microscopy.

Sepideh Afsari

My research interests involves studying charge trasnport at single molecule level using Scanning probe microscopy techniques (mainly Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) at room temperature, in situ and under electrochemical potential control).  Currently I am investigating the applications of STM-Tip enhanced Raman Spectroscopy in DNA sequencing.

Bongsu Kim

Studying photo-induced force microscopy, with ultrafast optical microscopy.