Girls in STEAM Conference

Girls in STEAM Conference

UC Irvine CaSTL Center
CaSTL Outreach, Education and Diversity

The CaSTL Center hosted the Girls in STEAM Conference on Saturday, April 27th, 2019. The day was packed with varied hands-on workshops led by women and men in science, technology, engineering. Over 100 middle and high school girls (grade 6-12th) throughout orange county participated, and was given the opporunity to learn about STEAM careers led by CaSTL's Director of Outreach, Education and Diversity - Dr. Danielle Watt. Participants engaged in mulitiple activities, enjoyed a hosted lunch and took lab tours that focused on experiements and observations in reserach such as:

- Chemistry - Tickling molecules w/ lasers

- Chemistry - Making the invisible visible with IR light

- Chemistry of chocolate

- Chemistry of acids and bases

- Biology - Isolating DNA from living samples

- Computer coding - Mobile apps

- SciArt - Exhibit incorporating biology and artificial intelligence

- Materials Science - Making polymers

- Physics - Properties of liquid nitrogen

- Engineering - Design Challenge

The CaSTL team and our fabulous volunteers would like to thank all those that particiapted in the 2019 conference.